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HCIT Ophthalmology Suite Version 6.1

Part of the Total Eye EHR Solutions suite of

Ophthalmic Electronic Health Records products

EHR Highlights

  • Pen Based Design for Touch Screens. (You may use mouse, type or voice recognition too.)
  • Wireless portable computers for instant access to any patient chart. Any number of people can be in the same chart at the same time with instant update access from any user on the network
  • Pull in all standard normals, last visit, or by classification for positive findings automatically, which you can then edit as needed.
  • One click easy access to critical information as you document the visit.
  • All entry screen display OD, OU, OS for easy to read and quick entry options.
  • Special screen design for Refraction data and Pediatric exams for Ductions and Motility.
  • Standard choice lists to document the visit, which you can edit or add choices
  • Complete Documentation for all Clinical Exams, Ocular Procedures, and Image Interpretations.
  • Complete Ocular History, General Medical/Social History, Medication History, and Family History.
  • Electronic Sign Off by the Physician at the End of the Visit.
  • Automatic Creation of Detail Specific Referral Letters, with Image and Drawing insert option. You may add to letters pre-defined verbiage, or launch into Microsoft Word® editor, or use Dragon® Voice Recognition. Letters can be automatically signed and faxed from server or printed.
  • E&M Codes and Eye Codes Calculator that you can alter for local insurance requirements.
  • Verification that all Procedures and Tests Performed are Properly Billed.
  • Digital Equipment Interfaces directly pulled into electronic chart.
  • Imaging Repository to store any Digital Images by Image type and date, with drawing capability.
  • Free Form Color Drawings for all eye specialties.
  • Object Drag and Drop Fundus Drawing. Fundus Documentation Automatically Created from Drawing or Drawing Automatically Created from Documentation. Also Cornea and ROP drawing.
  • Work Orders Generated from Automated Plan, which is triggered by Physician/Diagnosis/Insurance for the Complete Plan for Medications, Diagnostic Tests, Procedures, Return Visits, Recalls, Referrals, and Patient Education.
  • Plan Flow Sheet by Patient over Multiple Visits by each doctor’s visit types.
  • Patient Flow Sheet View Over Multiple Visits Based on Critical Data Elements.
  • Summary Sheet for Immediate Review of Past Surgeries/Procedures/Diagnoses along with Today’s Critical Information color highlighted with any images or drawing thumbnail displays selected.
  • Medication History with Eye Meds grouped together. E-Prescribing.
  • Patient Messaging System for Routing of all Patient Calls, along with internal practice email.
  • Scanning Interface for any outside forms, Insurance cards, etc., also capture patient image with web cam or through ID scan.
  • Electronic Patient Consent Forms with Electronic Signature Pad.
  • Automated Surgical Booking Forms.
  • Automated Workflow for Front Desk, Technicians, Residents, Photography, and Billing.

Call (888) 965-4248 x1 or email us as Sales@hcit-emr.com

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