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Ambulatory Surgery Center Electronic Health Records

Key Features

  • Dashboard Display of Patients Scheduled with Electronic Check-in
  • Instant Access to the Exact Color Coded Status with Details of Each Case
  • Instant Access to all Case Histories for Each Patient
  • Flow for each stage of the case including Pre-Admit, Admit, Pre-Op, OR, Post-Op, Discharge
  • Check List by Stage
  • Patient Digital Photo Interface, Patient Image Displayed on Each Chart Page
  • Multi-Location ASC, Multi-Physician
  • Newest Technology (.Net, SQL)
  • Preference Cards by Procedure, by Surgeon
  • Inventory Management
  • Case Costing
  • Procedure Macro Including any Standards as a Starting Point for Documentation
  • Quick Entry Tools for any Special Documentation
  • Patient Allergy Alerts
  • Medications Administered and Prescribed
  • Import Digital or Scanned Images into Chart
  • Security Levels for Flow, Approval and Signature
  • Date and Time Stamps for all Critical Information
  • Order Management to Track Patient To-do List and Status
  • One Click Detail Access on all Screens
  • Patient Messaging, Internal Email also Pertaining to a Specific Patient with History
  • Chart Sticky Note
  • Electronic Billing Code Capture
  • Direct Dragon Interface, Auto-Populate, User Defined Quick Lists or Direct Type Chart Entry
  • Optional HL7 interface to your practice management system
  • Direct import of images and exam data from our:

HCIT Ophthalmology Suite EHR Version 6.1

Call (888) 965-4248 x1 or email us as Sales@hcit-emr.com